Local Suicide Prevention Coalition Spotlight

Author: Dana Reynolds and Janeane Krongos
Tillamook County Suicide Prevention Coalition is an emerging coalition. Dana Reynolds and Janeane Krongos, two members of the coalition shared this information about this coalition.

Can you tell me about the coalition?

The Tillamook County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a group of Tillamook County residents who are concerned about suicide. The coalition meets once a month to discuss strategies to raise awareness of suicide prevention, promote prevention education, and plan community events in Tillamook County. Entities engaged in this coalition include: Tillamook Family Counseling Center (TFCC), Optimal Life Coaching, Tides of Change, Veteran Services, City of Tillamook, Tillamook Police Department, Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Tillamook County Wellness, Tillamook County Community Health Center, Columbia Pacific CCO, Department of Human Services, Tillamook Bay Community College, Nestucca Valley School District, Neah-Kah-Nie School District, Tillamook School District 9, Value Yourself Counseling, and Adventist Health Tillamook.

How can people get involved with the coalition?

People who are interested in getting involved can email Janeane Krongos at Janeanek@tfcc.org.

What is the coalition’s focus?

Recently, the coalition has been focusing on organizing suicide prevention events, promoting suicide prevention trainings, and sharing resources and messages of hope. On September 10th, the coalition will hold a family friendly rock-painting event at the Bay City Arts Center (BCAC) from 10AM-2PM. At the event, community members will be encouraged to paint positive messages on rocks. The event will have an information table where community members can learn about suicide prevention. We are grateful for the community partners that have helped us make this event possible. Event sponsors include Columbia Pacific CCO (painting supplies), Averill Landscaping Materials INC (rock donation), Tillamook County Veterans Services (gunlocks), and Bay City Arts Center for hosting our event.

What does it mean to prevent suicide?

There are many ways to prevent suicide. Three examples include having conversations about mental health, learning about suicide prevention, and knowing whom to turn to for support.

Are there any misconceptions surrounding suicide?

Yes, there are misconceptions surrounding suicide. One misconception we would like to address is that talking about suicide will put the idea in a person’s head. The truth is, asking about suicide will not put the idea in the person’s head. Rather, asking questions about suicide shows that you are someone they can trust and communicate with. A second misconception is that a suicide happens without warning. The truth is that warning signs are usually present, but sometimes they are not recognized. Common warning signs include withdrawal from friends, extreme mood changes, giving away prized possessions, and saying they do not want to be here anymore.

How can community members support their loved ones?

Community members can support loved ones by having conversations, attending trainings, and raising awareness that suicide is preventable.

Are there any local suicide prevention trainings coming up?

Yes, there are two coming up:

‘Suicide Prevention Training for Farmers and Ranchers’ offered by OSU Extension on 9/7/2022 from 1:00PM-4:30PM, to learn more visit: www.extension.oregonstate.edu.
QPR Gatekeeper training offered by TFCC on 9/9/2022 from 10:00AM-11:30AM, to learn more email: Janeanek@tfcc.org.
Members share why they’re part of this coalition:

“Janeane and I founded the coalition back when I was a school crisis counselor with Tillamook School District. To continue with the mission I started, I am dedicated to keeping our kids and community safe, and to provide resources in an area where resources are limited. Now as a consultant and life coach, I would like to continue my work with the coalition so that I can offer any experience or expertise to the community, neighboring communities, while continuing to learn and grow.”- Denise Donohue, Optimal Life Coaching

“Last year Denise and I started the coalition to coordinate suicide prevention efforts among community partners. As a member of this coalition, I like having opportunities to work as a team to share prevention resources that can help community members to take active steps to prevent suicide.”- Janeane Krongos, Tillamook Family Counseling Center

“In the past 20 plus years of working with people in crisis, who are suicidal, I know firsthand the struggle is real. Coming from a position of empathy and using trauma informed care to help our neighbors is essential. Public Safety has come a long way in the past 20 years and I am proud of that. We are trauma informed and person centered. We know how to help guide those in need to a better space as they walk the, at times, clunky path from a crisis situation.” – Lieutenant Nick Troxel, Tillamook Police Department

“I’m part of the coalition because I’ve lost a loved one to suicide and I know that suicide is preventable. With the power of community coming together, we can share messages of hope and prevention so that we can end suicide forever in our communities.” – Teresa Lavagnino, Community Partner

“I joined the coalition after I took a training called ASIST, and realized the impact of having conversations about suicide with others. I feel that I now have the tools to support myself and others with suicide ideation, and want to share this knowledge.” – Dana Reynolds, TFCC, BCAC

“I am firmly committed to finding ways as a community to address suicide by increasing awareness, preventing further suicide, and supporting anyone impacted by it. Being part of this very important work can help us to heal.” – Romy Carver, Community Member

AUTHORS: Janeane Krongos (Prevention Specialist, Tillamook Family Counseling Center) and Dana Reynolds (Communications at Tillamook Family Counseling Center)

Article published on Tillamook County Wellness September 2022 https://tillamookcountywellness.org/?s=suicide&et_pb_searchform_submit=et_search_proccess&et_pb_include_posts=yes&et_pb_include_pages=yes

September 15, 2022

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