Support Overcome Strengthen

SOS Tillamook Prevention Program is through the Tillamook Family Counseling Center, provides SUPPORT to OVERCOME and STRENGTHEN Tillamook County. SOS Tillamook addresses the potential harm associated with the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, Prescriptions, other drugs, and problem gambling that impacts our community with a focus on youth, ages 0-24.

Adolescence is a key time for brain development, especially for the areas that handle decision-making and learning.

Mark on your calendar for every third Thursday of each month, SOS Tillamook holds a community conversation, watch for the announcements.

     SOS Tillamook sponsors a wide variety of events and speakers on topics including community engagement, parenting support, mental health, addiction and recovery, suicide prevention, self-care vs self-harm, brain development, emotional literacy, adulting and more.

SOS Tillamook helps support a safe and healthy community that can help “grow” connections through positive exposure to learning and experiences.






We are pleased to announce new resources available for parents, and people who work with youth, to help guide the conversations about marijuana.
These materials include a PowerPoint slide deck and a video presentation.

To download these materials for your own presentations, follow links on the Talk With Them and Habla Con Ellos websites.